NeoChem is a Specialty Chemical Division of Enercon Water Treatment Ltd.
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Acid Replacement Cleaners, Housekeeping, Floor Care, Washroom Care, Disinfectants, Food Handling Area Cleaners & Degreasers,

Odour Control, Hand Cleaners, Drain Openers, Grease Trap Digesters, Effluent Treatment, Commodity Chemicals,

Trailer & Portable Toilet Treatments, Automotive, Agricultural Specialty Chemicals, Pit & Dugout Treatment,

Hog & Poultry Barn Disinfectants,  Septic Treatment, Algae Control, Coatings and Strippers, Sealants,

Specialty Lubricants,  Pet Odour Control, Stain Removers,  Citrus Cleaners, Wood Polish,

Stainless Steel Cleaners & Polish, Wax Strippers, Descalers,  Grout Cleaners, Ice Melt, Deodorizers,

Glass Cleaners, Carpet Care,  Detergents, Porcelain Cleaners,  Rust Removers, Soaps, Sanitizers,

Smoke Damage Cleaners, Tarnish Removers, Enzymes, Wetting Agents, Penetrating Oils, Contact Cleaners

  Proud to be 100% Canadian owned and operated